Monday, February 25, 2013

for the beginning

hai! i am Najwa. actually this is not my first blog. i have a few of blog before which i wrote about life since i am young. yeah YOUNG! hey hello i am young. forever ok? hewhewhew.. ok2. the purpose i blog is to picture what i through along this life so that i will not forget since I picture it here. kan?
ok ok.. so where should i start?

I am a student that will pursue my degree studies in UiTM Shah Alam. Food Tech student! anyone? say hye! :D Dulu time diploma baru belajar nak hidup, sekarang masih belajar utk hidup jugak. bezanya penagalaman time diploma dulu akan dijadikan kayu ukur, atau pun pengajaran utk hadapan degree ni.. pernah dgr x "pengalaman adalah guru yg terbaik" insyaAllah akn dibuktikan. 
Besides, I am a businesswomen. I love hectic life; busy life. Nak tahu aku buat apa? I am HERBALIFE DISTRIBUTOR a.k.a PERSONAL WELLNESS COACH! I have coach many people to get their good body shape! wow! amazing! 
So sapa2 yg nak lose weight, gain weight, nak improve health, pleasee let me know. i wanna help u so much! 

oh, ok i think i will stop my writing here. last but not least enjoy this one picture on my bff's e-day. wehuuu.
Like i am a pregnant mommy in this photo. kan? hahaha :P

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