Monday, February 25, 2013

where I start

People keep asking me "where I start?" "How?"
So i just write it here to conclude and make a short answer to everyone's questions. 


I know nothing at this time. i just went there because my upline said it's not just about business, here, u boleh belajar about LIFE!, through this event juga boleh motivate u jadi someone, boleh inspiring" and i said, "really?" sebab time tu mmg kena betul la timing dia. sebab aku time tu baru habis diploma aku. kerja sementara kat Tesco Kuala Selangor as invoice staff. jaga barang-barang keluar masuk. and i am very stress at that time dgn perangi staff tu tg bajet bagoos sgt. nak marah2 aku depan staff lain. and hey! "Hello, i am your teammate, and I think we should respect each other because we need each other, and u are NOT working here alone!" unfortunately i am just screaming here, deep in my heart. I know nothing about kerja as backroom staff at tht time. even the manager pun x pernah nak tengking aku. =_=' so this is life lepas habis belajar rupanya. sigh.. so here I learn about life. dan disebabkan kestresan yg aku lalui itu, aku mengadu kat sorang kawan aku ni.. and She suggest me to join this event. so meme la tepat waktu tu. so I apply cuti and pegi Zero to Hero Gambang!
The ticket price is RM280. which is very affordable! the event very superb! WHY? because I am back to the Tesco and become a new person, new dream, new momentum, sebab apa? sebab kat event tu aku jumpa org2 yg inspiring, lalui cabaran lagi hebat. but they keep walking until succeed! see?  aku pegi bukan pasal nak belajar pasal business.. tapi nak gain something yg aku boleh apply in my life because i always need momentum to achieve my dream. (I have many dream) aku belajar about their JOURNEY to success. I learnt their hardlife. I learnt and learnt and learnt. not wasting because I am become new Najwa and left my bad attitude behind. InsyaAllah :D

kak nadiyah. inspiring me a lot. her hardship; insaf :(

Bob Firdaus. menjadikan lemak kepada duit. wow!

learn about nutrition

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